Monday, May 31

Wait for 2021, they said...

It'll be a fresh start, they said....

That's what we thought too.  But with the world (and the big C-word) still so unknown in many ways, we are certain that the safest and most effective way to provide epic business growth to you this year is to deliver our 2021 OPD Conference virtually over 5 jam-packed, business boosting hours of growth and goodness.

The 2020 Virtual Conference was a massive success, with hundreds of attendees improving themselves and their business immensely as a result of being able to access the content from the safety and comfort of their lounge rooms & underwear.


But we didn't want to lost all hope of seeing members in person this year... so we are arranging 5 Major City ConFUNtion later in the year, where you can get all the benefits of our in-person conferences in one epic day of fun and folly!


This scaled-down, COVID-friendly version of our amazing Virtual Conference will deliver you a jam-packed 4 hours of fun, learning and business boosting content - all while ticking off 4 hours of your 2021 OPD Requirements!!  Here's the lineup...

Toast & Trivia with Anna - 45 minutes:

This live, interactive session will kick your day right off by throwing a bunch of questions at you to answer live and anonymously - in between bites of brekky - so we can warm up by seeing how many of us know our Marriage Act shiz and how much we need to work on our knowledge game! A super fun and interactive way to improve how you navigate the Marriage Act & Guidelines.

2021 Compulsory OPD Activity Walkthrough - 15 minutes:

This year the Attorney General's Department is requiring that all registered celebrants complete a mandatory 1 hour activity as part of their total 5 hours of required 2021 OPD (hence why our event is only 4 hours!).  This quick and easy session will guide you through how to access and complete this activity in your online portal.

Snackable Tips & Tricks with Sarah - 2 hours:

Sarah has managed to jam 5 industry experts and a bunch of solid ceremony GOLD into 2 hours that you will devour as earnestly as Anna does a plateful of free scalding-hot Mac & cheese.  Prepare to walk away with a brain checkers full of ideas and a renewed sense of creativity in ya bones.

Ceremony Content Potluck - 1 hour:

Let's finish this veritable feast of learning with an activity where you give a little to get A LOT.  That's right - you will spend just 1 hour creating and submitting little snippets of ceremony writing content, such as ideas on how to warm the crowd, ring exchange intros and transitional wording.  You will offer up these items to your fellow attendees and, in return, we will collate them along with the submissions of ALL OTHER ATTENDEES and provide you with an entire electronic booklet of everyone's writing magic!!

TWS Members get a whopping 40% off this event!! To access this hayUGE discount to just $89.40, make sure you're logged in when purchasing and use the discount code "MemberOPD2021"



($149 for non-members)