What's the best conference ever without the most incredible topics to fill it?

This year we have gone above and beyond, with our best line-up of presentations and workshops yet!  Scroll down to check out who you can see and what you can learn... 



lead by Sarah May Alexander

1:30 PM to 3 PM


Every year the TCS Conference has a specific focus relevant to our current and emerging market. This year, our opening panel discussion will feature four celebrants who have nailed this in their business.


The panel discussion will be hosted by widely respected and experienced celebrant, former radio presenter, executive producer and journalist Sarah May Alexander (Co-founder of The Celebrant Society.)


Let's delve right into the deep end of fuelling our brains with this innovative, entertaining, and thought provoking hour to kick off our conference with a massive, exciting bang.

Guess who's on the panel??


Messages From a Deathwalker 

3:30 PM to 5 PM


Zenith is the CEO and founding member of the NSW Charity, the Natural Death Care Centre.  She is the co-author of the book The Intimacy of Death and Dying, and subject of the international independent documentary, Zen & the Art of Dying


For well over 20 years, Zenith has been a leading pioneer in community driven and owned death work.  Offering a hybrid of traditional ways blended with a more contemporary understanding, encouraging families and communities to take their dying, death, after death care and ceremony back into their own hands and hearts, even in cases of sudden death and trauma.

A well respected Deathwalker, educator and celebrant, Zenith offers guidance, support and care to inform, enable and empower people to be as open and courageous as they can, and to experience their dying and their loss in the best way possible. She now works, speaks and teaches both nationally and Internationally, and her work may best be summed up as assisting people to die well, and for those left behind to have a healthier bereavement, as they move into their healing with few to no regrets. 


Tell 'Em They're Dreamin': Expressing Our Value Without Justifying Our Price

3:30 PM to 5 PM


Hannah Noller is a well renowned and respected ACT-based celebrant who also happens to currently lead the Australian market for high-end celebrant pricing, all while still booking out her availability every year.

Want to know Hannah's secret?  She's hear to lead a very important discussion on the direction of the celebrant market, our worth as creative presenters, and the importance of our industry to rise together and show the world why - no matter what we charge - we are worth what our clients are investing in us.


Interview With a Celebrant: Extracting The Juicy Goods From Your Clients

3:30 PM to 5 PM


In order to AVOID having to polish any turds, nailing your information extraction process is key.  


Annie Molenaar and Damon Hughes are both masters at this method, with each finding strengths in different different areas of client interviews.  Together, they will share the best snacks of info to help you get nuggets of gold for your ceremony tales.


Wednesday's topics fulfill our annual OPD requirements.

Attendance to all topics on this day is mandatory for the completion of your 2019 OPD.


Our official provider this year is Australian Celebrations Training (ACT), who have kindly worked with us to accommodate a variety of presenters and unique topics, all of which will accurately reflect our ethos of innovation and progressive celebrancy.

Together with ACT, we have worked hard to ensure that your 2019 OPD is delivered differently to ever before - we promise it won't feel mandatory at all!


The Ceremonies Your Mother Warned You About: Acing Left-of-Centre Celebrations

9 AM to 10:30 AM

(OPD Approved Topic ACT015 - Hatch, Match & Dispatch)


Who said you have to stick to the goody two shoes traditional wedding ceremony like your mother always wanted you to settle down with?  Why can’t we be drawn to the bad boys… the out-of-the-box celebrations that hang on the edge of social norms or span over a lifetime, or that involve whole communities and people of all life stages?

Our “official” OPD topic for this year will be led by ACT Trainer and experienced celebrant Melissa Jacob, who will explore elopements, legals-only ceremonies, naming days, divorce ceremonies, vow renewals, and more as part of this presentation on expanding your horizons, skills, and business ventures through left-of-centre ceremonies.


Featuring Rebecca Codrington from Relationships Australia

That Freakin' Flyer: Shaking Up What You Thought You Knew About Premarital Services

11 AM to 1 PM

(OPD Approved Topic ACT021 - Enhancing Clients' Family Relationships)

Hands up if you’re that rebel who throws the “Happily Ever Before and After” brochure towards your couple and nonchalantly tell them that you’re bound by the law to do it?  Eh?  It’s you, isn’t it?  Well, whether we like it or not, this is a legal requirement, so we might as well make it interesting for ourselves and our clients.

This is a chance for us to see what’s behind those flyers we hand to our couples and discover what we are actually offering them. Official ACT Trainer and well-respected celebrant, Lillian Lyon, will work alongside Rebecca from Relationships Australia in this hands-on, interactive session that will actually really help us make this process with our clients a little more interesting, helpful, and fun.


Delivering a S*** Hot Ceremony: Catching The Crowd Like a Pro

2 PM to 3:30 PM

(OPD Approved Topic ACT025 - Conduct a Marriage Ceremony)

Let’s be honest - we just all wanna be a little bit more like Marney McQueen.  Marney is one of Australia's most diverse performers, starring on stage, film, and television alongside many of Australia's most well-renowned personalities.  Her hilarious characters have graced our conference stage in previous years and this year she is back (as herself) to give us a taste of how to capture some of that magic for our own guests.


Marney will have you chuckling, cheering, absolutely hooked on her in no time, and on the way to having you do the same for your guests. 


Next Gen Marketing: 

Applying Science To Your Sales Pitch

4 PM to 5 PM

(OPD Approved Topic ACT073 - Understanding Mobile Marketing)

Technology is growing faster than we can keep up with it and the new world of marketing has tapped into science to figure out what triggers the buying centre of the brain.  This fascinating area of research, dubbed Neuromarketing, is revealing all sorts of crazy techniques that can be used to influence the buyer's brain to see - and want - what we are offering.

With a Masters degree in health sciences, Johanna has over a decade of experience working closely with medical and neuroscientific technologies. This fascinating hour will teach us real-world ways that celebrants can apply scientific techniques (in fun and simple ways!) to our marketing strategies to attract our clients in ways they aren't even aware of.



Thursday will consist of three workshop session times and one final all-in-one presentation to finish with the bang this conference deserves!


Eye of the Tiger: Slaying Your Prep Game

9 AM to 10 AM


This dream team has combined forces to deliver an amazing workshop on how to organise your head and your life to streamline the planning process for you and your clients.


These two will good cop/bad cop you right into a simplified AF system, so that you can boast Marie Kondo levels of business organisation.

Minimize potential stress, maximise efficiency, enjoy the client journey, and catch up on a bunch of sleep with the help of Josh and Monty, masters of the ultimate client journey.


Confessions of a Hitcher: Nailing Your Brand

9 AM to 10 AM


Jacinta Mew, or Jac The Hitcher as is the reputation that precedes her, is well known for her strong brand identity.

Through trial and error, Jac has created and refined her incredible brand while picking up all the dos and don'ts along the way.

She's now here to share those tips and tricks with you, so that anyone looking to sharpen their brand image will walk away with a clear direction and useful take-home tips to implement into their business.


Shorty Needs a Sale: Getting Clients Across The Line

9 AM to 10 AM


Founder of The Celebrant Hustle and author of The Hustle Handbook, Anthony Cribbes is back this year after two packed out back-to-back workshops at our 2018 Conference.

This year Anthony will be deep-end-diving into closing the deal - the banter, the back-end, and bumping it over the line from potential client to paying customer.  We will explore tactics for improving sales and getting more comfortable with converting leads.


The Simple Art of Not Being An A**hole: Inclusive Language For the LGBTI Community

10 AM to 11 AM


Now that all people are finally afforded the right and privilege to marry the person they love, we owe it to ourselves and our clients to review our systems, processes, and language to ensure it caters to all spectrum of individuals.  


Lauren Khabbaz will help us review our processes and behavior to ensure our service reflects current law, the climate of 2019, and the importance of doing the right thing by all.


Meaningful AF: Reinventing Rituals

10 AM to 11 AM


Years of throwing shade at wedding rituals has conditioned many celebrants to induce eye-roll at the mention of the word.  In truth, rituals have historically – and will always have – an intrinsically important role in any ceremony or celebration. 


Mellie Reiffel has vast experience with a huge array of interesting, powerful, and refreshing rituals, while Ariel Bastian puts an incredibly fresh and funky spin on what has recently been dubbed "cereminis" (stolen from Tim Grimsey!).  In this killer workshop, they’ll share the love with you all, help you greatly expand your ceremony toolkit, and help bring back the lost art of ceremony rituals.


Slaying the Afterparty: The MC Gig

10 AM to 11 AM


We all say the ceremony kicks off the party. So then what happens to the party after we leave??  Many of us have been asked to stay on and host the reception - many others have it included as an added package for our clients.

Join seasoned celebrant and MC, Shane Vincent, to explore maximising our service to include MC gigs, reception hosting, and continuing the ceremony vibe right through until the end of the best night of our clients' lives.


Sexy Scribbles: The Art of Modern Calligraphy

11:30 AM to 12:30 PM


True, stunning penmanship is quickly becoming a lost art.  In a world where we deal with commemorative life certificates that people will cherish for the rest of their lives, Tenielle Nuske has invested a great deal of effort into perfecting the art of beautiful modern calligraphy for her couples.

This workshop will teach you the basics of incredible calligraphy for your certificates, with Tenielle passing on her talent to those wishing to deliver an extra cherry on top of their service delivery.

This workshop costs $20 to cover a calligraphy starter kit for attendees to use during the workshop and to take home for future use.


Mapping the Mind: Exploring and Maximising Your Brain's Potential

11:30 AM to 12:30 PM


Do you ever feel you're not using your brain to its maximum potential?  Is your business capable of more, but you're just not quite sure how to achieve it?


Kate Mac is an accredited PRISM Brain Mapping Facilitator and she is here to help you gain some self-insights into your thinking and work-style preferences. With  this workshop, you will explore how to make the most of your natural strengths and talents within your celebrancy business, and you will walk away with a greater capability for effectively interacting with clients and colleagues, as well as running a successful, fulfilling business.



"I'm Not a Funeral Celebrant": What To Do When You Get The Call

11:30 AM to 12:30 PM


For anyone who doesn’t have experience in the funeral industry but might be asked one day – out of the blue – to officiate the ceremony of a friend or family member, this workshop is an absolute must. 


Fiona is an incredibly well respected funeral celebrant and absolutely beautiful soul who will go through all that’s involved in conducting a funeral, right through from the first phone call to post ceremony self-care.  A hugely popular topic from 2018 conference and back by overwhelming demand, this workshop was quoted as being the absolute highlight of the 2018 conference for almost all who attended it.


Polishing a Turd 2.0

1:30 PM to 3 PM


It's confirmed.  Ben is BACK to deliver a turbo-charged version of the most sought after workshop from last year’s conference.  


This insanely entertaining presentation on creative writing features one of our most beloved at its front and centre – actor, celebrant, creative writer, and all around awesome guy, Benedict Ager.  Sit back and get ready to finish this conference on a massive high with the one everyone’s been asking about – Polishing a Turd.

We will try our hardest to give as much notice as possible about presentation info.  However, workshop topics, content, times, and presenters are subject to change up until the time of the conference.

- Love from TCS Team

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