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This year we are working with Australian Celebrations Training, thanks to their efforts to allow us to learn the way WE want to learn.  The way that makes us feel most informed, engaged, and inspired (while also ensuring that our topics cover the OPD requirements!)  How good is that??


As a result, this year we will have not one but FOUR of our own awesome TCS Tribe members leading engaging, innovative, and exciting discussions, so that you can experience a variety of topics and speakers to make the day go quicker than you can say “mandatory training”!


OPD will be presented on Wednesday, June 5, and attendance of all presentations on this day is mandatory for the completion of your 2019 OPD obligations.



The Ceremonies Your Mother Warned You About: Acing Left-of-Centre Celebrations

9 AM to 10:30 AM

(OPD Approved Topic ACT015 - Hatch, Match & Dispatch)


Who said you have to stick to the goody two shoes traditional wedding ceremony like your mother always wanted you to settle down with?  Why can’t we be drawn to the bad boys… the out-of-the-box celebrations that hang on the edge of social norms or span over a lifetime, or that involve whole communities and people of all life stages?

Our “official” OPD topic for this year will be led by ACT Trainer and experienced celebrant Melissa Jacob, who will explore elopements, legals-only ceremonies, naming days, divorce ceremonies, vow renewals, and more as part of this presentation on expanding your horizons, skills, and business ventures through left-of-centre ceremonies.


Featuring Wendy Zhang from Relationships Australia

That Freakin' Flyer: Shaking Up What You Thought You Knew About Premarital Services

11 AM to 1 PM

(OPD Approved Topic ACT021 - Enhancing Clients' Family Relationships)

Hands up if you’re that rebel who throws the “Happily Ever Before and After” brochure towards your couple and nonchalantly tell them that you’re bound by the law to do it?  Eh?  It’s you, isn’t it?  Well, whether we like it or not, this is a legal requirement, so we might as well make it interesting for ourselves and our clients.

This is a chance for us to see what’s behind those flyers we hand to our couples and discover what we are actually offering them. Official ACT Trainer and well-respected celebrant, Lillian Lyon, will work alongside Wendy Zhang from Relationships Australia in this hands-on, interactive session that will actually really help us make this process with our clients a little more interesting, helpful, and fun.


Delivering a S*** Hot Ceremony: Catching The Crowd Like a Pro

2 PM to 3:30 PM

(OPD Approved Topic ACT025 - Conduct a Marriage Ceremony)

Let’s be honest - we just all wanna be a little bit more like Marney McQueen.  Marney is one of Australia's most diverse performers, starring on stage, film, and television alongside many of Australia's most well-renowned personalities.  Her hilarious characters have graced our conference stage in previous years and this year she is back (as herself) to give us a taste of how to capture some of that magic for our own guests.


Marney will have you chuckling, cheering, absolutely hooked on her in no time, and on the way to having you do the same for your guests. 


Next Gen Marketing: 

Applying Science To Your Sales Pitch

4 PM to 5 PM

(OPD Approved Topic ACT073 - Understanding Mobile Marketing)

Technology is growing faster than we can keep up with it and the new world of marketing has tapped into science to figure out what triggers the buying centre of the brain.  This fascinating area of research, dubbed Neuromarketing, is revealing all sorts of crazy techniques that can be used to influence the buyer's brain to see - and want - what we are offering.

Johanna has over a decade of experience working closely with medical and neuroscientific technologies. This fascinating hour will teach us real-world ways that celebrants can apply scientific techniques (in fun and simple ways!) to our marketing strategies to attract our clients in ways they aren't even aware of.

We will try our hardest to give as much notice as possible about presentation info.  However, workshop topics, content, times, and presenters are subject to change up until the time of the conference.

- Love from TCS Team

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