You may have noticed that we have been busy little flamingos, working on creating a new interactive website and a sexy new directory for you all.  I know we’ve been saying for literally months now (could it be a year? Probably, yes) that we’re “updating our website and systems”.  Well, it’s finally FINALLY finished… (nearly).


We will be launching the new website from July 1 so that we can commence our new system in line with the new financial year - it just makes life a lot simpler for us.  However, there are some big changes happening which aren’t made easier by Covid, so we want to give you a full, comprehensive rundown of exactly what you’re in for with your brand, spankin’, shiny new membership...


What’s Staying The Same


Your current membership

Your current membership will have all the same benefits that you signed up for.  Those of you who purchased insurance will be covered, while those of you who opted out will not have insurance until your renewal. (If you dont have it and wish to add it - just sing out.)

TCS Tribe Facebook Page

The TCS Facebook forum will remain exactly the same.  We love this group and your vibe, and would never, ever want to change it.  But we do know that you can teach the whole wedding industry a thing or two.  And, if we can collectively work with other vendors in the same way we do in our tribe, then imagine the power we have in collaboration…


What’s Changing


The Name

The new membership Directory will run under the parent banner of “The Wedding Society”.  As you know, we have had other wedding industry folk seeking a similar community to yours for a long time now, as well as many couples seeking other services alongside celebrants, and we really want to be able to facilitate it for the wider industry to be able to make real, positive change together. 

As a member of The Celebrant Society, you will automatically be a part of The Wedding Society as well. So, essentially, you’ll have two memberships for the price of one!  The Wedding Society will be an extension of TCS, a thriving community of innovative, fun & inclusive wedding vendors, all working together to make our industry better than it has ever been.  Members of The Wedding Society will need to value kindness, diversity and Community Over Competition.  


The Website

All of our products, services and events will be run through a single website. will be redirected to our new website, where you’ll be able to find everything that we offer in the one, easy-to-navigate place. 


The Directory

The Directory will have a completely fresh look.  You will be able to edit your information and photos, but you’ll now be able to add a background image, profile photo, gallery and input contact and business details that viewers can link to directly.  We will be doing a lot of work to drive a lot of traffic to the new directory on top of what has been entirely organic traffic up to now.

Couple Enquiries

Members will now have a private area on the website where all enquiries are shared and responded to directly - so no more sharing your availability on the Facebook page with everyone else!!  Couples will submit an enquiry which will be made immediately available in the “Open Enquiries” section, where members can email that couple directly so that each couple can get a better feel for who you are and the vibe you rock.

Membership Inclusions

We are completely overhauling how we deliver your service to you.  We will be focusing on sharing more of our individual strengths with you all, to help you really gain a lot of value from your membership.  Sarah will be hosting monthly interactive panel discussions, member interviews and out-of-the-box collaborations, while Anna will be delivering regular workshops and courses to build your business on a myriad of topics, starting with an 8-week extended course on the Neuromarketing topic that she presented at the 2019 TCS Conference!  All of this will be fully included as a part of your membership. 

Insurance will also become an inclusion for all memberships, so as to help us streamline our service.


Conferences and Events

We were blown away by how much you all loved the delivery of this year’s virtual conference.  It was such a success and allowed for so much flexibility for you all that we have decided it’s the best way to deliver your learning to you moving forward.  So, we’ve made the very important decision to separate our conference content, which will remain a Virtual Conference moving forward, and our annual get-together so that you can learn in the way that works best for you, while we can keep the socialising, well, social!

So, while we will continue to organise annual in-person gatherings with a masterclass or two, they will mainly focus on networking, fun, and relaxing over a few days… while still being tax deductible!!  We’ve always managed to deliver on our promises, and we promise you that these retreats will be so much more beneficial when we can get you away from a desk and onto a massage table with a side of boosting your business.


Payment Options

We have reconfigured our pricing for a number of reasons.  Firstly, we want to ensure that the community you’ve worked hard to cultivate is upheld by people who really value it for exactly what it is.  We want to focus on quality over quantity and it’s important for us to ensure that our members respect the space that they’re in, are keen to get active and involved in the forum, and are willing to invest their time and energy to get the most out of their membership.  Just as importantly, we want to practice what we preach.  We are always telling you to value yourself and it’s important that we do this for ourselves, also.  

We have implemented two pricing options to assist you in accessing your membership the best way for you: the first is an annual membership of $395 inc.GST for 12 months, while we will now offer monthly instalments of $39 for those who prefer to pay a little at a time.  We understand we haven’t been able to give much notice, so we have extended due memberships up to September 1 to give you all proper notice. (That means all due memberships are no longer due.)  We understand that Covid is not the best time to rejig the membership structure but we had to make this decision in line with the new financial year and we hope you can understand why it’s important for us to move forward with the new membership and its added inclusions.  We appreciate those of you who get what we do and support us through this transitional time.


What This Means For You


Over the coming days we will be transferring you over to the new website. will continue to run separately to the new website while we ensure that the new website is running smoothly.


We will email you all with instructions and updates over the coming weeks on how to familiarise yourself with the new Member Area and access & edit your brand new Directory listing.


Your current membership will not be interrupted or affected.  When you reach the end of your current membership, you will be sent directions on how to renew in the new system. 


There are going to be teething problems.  You may receive weird emails that have funny words.   If you do, please let us know so we can fix it and please bare with us while we smooth out the creases.  We are still adding to the website and still finalising some changes.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.  We’d love to help everyone be as clear as they need to be on how your membership will grow over the coming months.  We are so excited to share this new chapter with you and finally deliver all the amazing inclusions we have always wanted to provide to you.  Thank you so much for your ongoing support and here’s to taking your business to the next level!